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This page will explain to you why you should choose Ed Scissorhands Rapid Edge as your shear sharpener.  Here you will find information on how to mail in your shears for sharpening.


​​​​With everyday use, your shears take quite a beating.  Without even knowing it, your shears are constantly dulling and getting nicked by drops and sliding them into combs, rings, etc.  The consequence is more and more work for your hands, wrists and shoulders.  By sharpening and maintaining shears that slide and glide through hair, you'll save time, money and good health.
Ed Scissorhands' Rapid Edge shear sharpening equipment allows me to set up in your salon and usually hand your shears back to you in 15-20 minutes sharper than the day you purchased them.  Your shears will maintain the factory edge removing minimal steel only to remove all nicks from your blades.  They are then buffed on a high-speed polishing bonnet to restore the original factory luster.  Shears that are mailed in to Ed Scissorhands are usually received, shears sharpened and returned by me SAME-DAY.  Please feel free to contact me with any requests or questions at or by phone at 985-688-7615.
MAIL-IN ORDER SERVICE:  Shears should be well-packed in a bubble envelope and insured for the value of the shears.  Price is $35/shear + a flat rate of $10 s&h regardless of the number of shears.  Please mail via USPS to Eddie Dover, 108 Club Dr., Fairhope, AL.  Please make​​ checks payable to Eddie Dover.

Ed Scissorhands distributes a best-selling, high end salon products.  No matter what price range you are looking for in shears, I'll give you my best suggestion based on your personal preference.  I carry Hikari, Jonetsu, Washi, Nic, Flex 360, Sukotto to name a few.  If you're looking for salon garments, YS Park products such as clips, combs and brushes at unbeatable prices, please call or contact me at 985-688-7615 or

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