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Frequently Asked Questions about Ed Scissorhands Shear Sharpening

"Does sharpening my shears take steel off reducing the life of my blades?"


   Sharpening your shears does remove steel.  When sharpened correctly, it removes very little steel per sharpening; not changing the blades angle, but rather removing all nicks, providing a sharp, clean edge.  I would rather use a sharp shear for 10 years, than a dull one for 50.
"How often should I sharpen my shears?"
    There are many factors to determine this (drops, nicks, steel quality, etc.), but the industry standard is 800-1000 cuts per sharpening.  For the average stylist with an average work week and an average shear, this usually amounts to every 4-6 months.  If one of your client's kids picks them up and tries to cut some wires with them, it'll probably be a little more often!!  Even without removing nicks, you should regularly have your shears maintained; cleaning, oiling and balancing are essential to get the most out of your shears now and in the future.


"Why use Ed Scissorhands shear sharpening?"
     I use Rapid Edge sharpening systems, which allow me to maintain your factory edge.  My work is quick, reliable, honest, and I sharpen for you the way I would want a sharpener taking care of my own things.


"Why buy my products from Ed Scissorhands?"
     It's certainly an advantage to be invited into hundreds of salons and personally discuss products with some of the top salon owners and stylists in the country.  What's new and hot, what's old and not.  The key to repeat business is customer satisfaction.  First, I listen to you.  What are you looking for?  What price range are you looking in?  What will make you happy?  Only then can I make suggestions and supply the very best product in accordance with your wants and needs.  The products you see here at Ed Scissorhands are the most recommended products on the market today from across the world at unbeatable prices!



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